I’ve tried to think of a few questions and here the answers.

1. “ I have seen a piece on Social Media but it’s not here “

I am only allowed 50 items so tried to choose wisely but if you have seen something you like just tell me via the contact page. Its nooo problem. 

2. “ Do you print in different sizes? ” 

Yes, just email me via the contact page your query. I’ll sort it out. Just note that not all of my art works in a rectangular shape. 

A4 = £12. A3 = £16. A2 = £22. A1 = £35. 

3. “ Do you do different colours? “ 

Yes, though again only on some pieces. I’ll have a look and if yes then I’ll send a sample and the cost of the change. I’ll know quickly as you don’t want the extra cost to be too much if it takes me hours! 

4. “ Do you do commissions? “

Yes but mainly based on my own art and work with a persons ideas. I have done commissions in the past that people haven’t bought so now ask for 50% upfront. If they are committed then I will be too.

5. “Do you post internationally? “

At present I only post in the UK. Postage is nearly the same in Europe but further field is not cheap at all. I wish I could but you can always enquire and I’ll look into it for you. 

I am on Redbubble so you can catch my art there too. LisDea.Redbubble.com and it is Lis Dea. 

Well, I’m Lis in Life. 

Any other queries then just throw me an email on the contact page! 

Or it’s a simple one to remember -  lisa@lisadea.com