1. “ I have seen a piece of your art on Social Media but it’s not here " 

Email me via the contact page. Its nooo problem. I'll dig in the vault. 

2. “ Do you print in different sizes? ”

Yes, as many have a frame ready so just email me via the contact page your query. Just note that not all of my art fits in a rectangular shape. 

3. " What company do you use for postage? " 

I use Evri for larget prints and posters as the postage is lower than the Royal Mail but if you'd prefer Royal Mail then contact me and I'll sort that out. Be aware it will be around £2 more. 

Please note I will keep you fully up to date on your order. From when I'm collecting from my Printers and when I'm sending. With doing 3-4 shifts a week I can't post straight away unfortunately. 

If you're able you can pick up. And also pay by cash or bank transfer. 

4. " Do you post internationally? “

At present I only post in the UK. If you live overseas I will use Printful , a print on demand company that prints and delivers globally. 

5. " Do you do commissions? “

Yes but mainly based on my own art and work with a persons ideas. I have done commissions in the past that people haven’t bought so now ask for 50% upfront. 


Any other queries then just throw me an email on the contact page! 

Or it’s a simple one to remember -  [email protected]