Hello, my name is Lisa Dea but everyone calls me Lis. 

Welcome to my digital artwork which I hope you enjoy just as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

My story is in the blog section but basically I have come full circle in life and now here to bring bright, bold and colourful art into peoples spaces to lift spirits, make people smile or sometimes make them wonder.

It appears that my sunny disposition, depth, clarity and happy vibe comes through my art which affects people in a positive way and that brings me joy. 

Oh and if you do get the pull I do commissions as well as different colour ways of all my art so just message me via the contact page. Also if you see something on my social media pages that’s not here then give me a shout and I’ll upload it for you to purchase.

If you want something different, for example a certain design on a mug, a t-shirt, require framed art or require a different sized print then get in touch and I’ll price it up for you. 

This is the start of my new life, I’m quite excited. I have a dream and it’s now coming true. 

Thank you for landing here. 

Lis x

P.S. I’m also brewing a vibes project linked to a new online shop so if it’s a yes to the question #areyouonthevibe then watch this space ;)

Email  -  lisa@lisadea.com 

Instagram  -  @Lisa_Dea

Twitter  -  @_LisaDea 

Facebook  -  Lisa Dea Art