My name is Lisa Dea. A Mancunian based in Stockport in the UK with Jamaican, Irish and South London Roots.

I adore colour, energy and balance. Intensity and boldness are reflected in my artwork. I am of Free Spirit and my sensitivity allows me to tune in and create. My love of music aids my creativity with also being inspired by artists of all types with their bright bold work.

I was a highly creative child. I excelled in Art at school and went on to gain a distinction after completing a BTEC Diploma in Display and Exhibition Design. Life took me on another path to work in health and social care but I came full circle a few years ago and realised my need to create was the path I am built for. I was made for this.

My philosophy in life is quite simple. To be good, do the hard work, feel the energy and be present. The philosophy of my art is to lift peoples spirits, make them smile, feel the positivity, to ponder. To bring positive energy into people’s spaces.

I create digital art. I found it works incredibly well with the way my energy flows but I am very much hands on so looking towards going into a 3D style this year.

I want to accomplish a time where my creativity is enjoyed by many. To be known for my bold, eye catching, colourful creations that will be instantly recognisable.

I love creating. I have to create. I will never stop creating.


Colour is Magic. 


Lis x