May 2021

So, it’s nearly a year since I launched myself and my website. I chose the 4th July specifically as it reflects so much, growing more independently as me, Lisa Dea. From the moment Covid hit it was never going to stop me and that remains the case. It did strike me down in January and while I felt ill, I utilised that time to work hard on myself. One of my lines in life is “if you feel like shit, sort your shit out” I don’t waste time. Ooooh no. 

It’s been a high then a low and now to build stronger and higher. That process started last month and my strength is growing daily. This update of the site says it all. It’s clearer, lighter. 

I wanted a more human interactive way so now the site will be for my art prints, which will be signed and I will post. My designs are on Redbubble.com and they have some amazing products plus it’s another platform to #SpreadDeaVibes And of course the fun of my Lisa Dea Slpimats which has been soo good!! Its now time to find out how to get my art out there now places are beginning to open. 

I still love my art. I still create daily. I have too. It’s My Way. 

And now to not just create with my digital art but to create with my hands in a 3D way. I know what, I can envision, my mind is full of magic, forms, and colour. 

Here’s to 2021! It really feels like New Year. And I said when Covid hit that 2022 was going to be my year and it will be. I am a determined creature.

So for those who have been there from the start - Thank You, for all those have joined on the way - Thank You and let’s see who else comes along for the ride. Gonna be fun. Remember, those at the party were meant to be at the party....

Pure love to alllll


6th October 2020

Wow, what a ride it has been since I launched on the 4th July. I chose it for being my own Independence Day as it feels at last I can finally do what I love.... working with colour daily and bringing it in to other people’s worlds. I always said this 12 months was about me making my mark, tighten up my style and now I feel very satisfied with the progress I’ve made just in these last 3 months. I have to pinch myself sometimes!! 

I’ve been amazed at all the support, week in, week out and have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with everyone and attracting new fabulous people too. Love you all. 

People who know and follow me know I love my sunshine, I’m a Sunshine Queen at the end of the day and usually I hibernate and rebirth by the Spring Equinox which is a few days before my birthday on the 25th March. I’m bit of a walking bulb... This year is different with all that’s going on in the world and now time for me to get a part time job to earn my wings which I hopefully start this week in Social Care and at least I’ll feel better that I’ll have done my bit while we go thru this time. 

I said to myself at the beginning of this year I felt like 70% Nurse/Carer and 30% Artist and I was determined to be 70% Artist and 30% Nurse/Carer, which I’ve achieved. I’m very proud of myself. So now the next step to be 100% Artist, 100% Lisa Dea by this time next year and fully fly free.

I’m now being guided to bring a 3D aspect to my art, I don’t know what it will be but I will in time and that excites me. It’ll be big, bold and colourful, of course! ;)

So to build to my next level, build my art style, build my business and of course have lots of fun on the way with lots of fabulous people. 

And I hope you share my joy on my journey! 

Till next time,

Lots of Lisx Love to youuuu

4th July 2020 

Well, I can’t believe it, I have finally reached the summit. The summit being the launch of my very own website. I’m in a state of happy awe. I really am...

I was always a highly creative child, whether it was music, writing or art and looking back I was very good. I performed very well at my exams and while doing my Art A Level I started to dress the windows and interiors at my Saturday retail job in Chelsea Girl, Altrincham (which is long gone now) as the usual girl was off sick. I enjoyed it soo much that I then went on to complete my BTEC Diploma in Display and Exhibiton Design with a distinction at Tameside Technical College in Ashton Under Lynne. 

I started my full time position with SNOB, a womens retail shop in the Manchester Arndale in 1987 but by 1990 at the age of 23 I received the calling to become a Registered General Nurse. I was a Senior Staff Nurse for 14 years, in charge regulary of up to 36 bedded acute medical and nephrology wards.

Roll on 2009 and I experienced a traumatic bereavement, someone very dear to me, Patrick. He was my catalyst to leave nursing and sort my life out. He gifted me the push I needed. Life is too short and I always make the most. He gifted me the opportunity to be who I really am. 

Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked incredibly hard to sort everything out. Over the last 2 years my creativity has grown, building daily, the passion never waning and wonderfully sparked to the point soo many people have been saying “Lisa you need to sell” “Lis, have you got a website?” and lots of wonderful feedback that blows me away... and it’s built me up to create this space, to start my new life bringing bright, bold and colourful art to all. 

So yes I have definitely come full circle. It’s taken 30 years. I’ve shared this part of journey with soo many wonderful people loving and supporting me, in life and online and I hope you can join me too! 


Lis x